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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By tmbg
I've done some work with Eagle, and I've recently started using Multisim and Ultiboard, there's a bit of a learning curve...

I don't have a ton of experience with exporting for fabrication... I see that everyone's having tons of fun trying to work around various problems in Eagle, I'd love to know if there's anyone that's got some experience exporting from Ultiboard for the SFE process, so I get it right the first time :)
By tmbg
I have a design done, and the export process produces a .gbr file for each layer, I have a board outline file, copper top, copper bottom, drill, silkscreen top, soldermask top, and soldermask bottom. I had an option to produce a silkscreen bottom as well, but since I have nothing on that layer, I chose not to.

I exported using RS274X, and there were several other options, such as:

units in mil or mm (I chose mil),
digits (I chose 2.5, I'm assuming so coordinates will be XX.XXXXX)

Oversize for soldermask and solderpaste layers (none for me)
Open Pad holes (I don't know what this is! So chose no)
Reflection (Chose no)
Board Outline (Chose no, seems redundant with the board outline layer)
Negative Image (Chose no)

All of that look kosher? Anything I should have done differently?
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By sparky
This is the learning curve that everyone has to go through. Since I don't play with your software, all I can recommend is to place your order. Ben (protopcb at will go over your PCB files and let you know if there are any issues/problems.

By tmbg
excellent, I've just about got this board looking how I want, so hopefully I'll be submitting it tomorrow.