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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By ktmglen
I uploaded a new design today. The DRC bot failed the design and returned two empty text files and no images. I uploaded an old design that I know passes DRC. The DRC bot failed this design too. It again returned two empty text files and no images.

Anybody else experiencing this problem today? Is the DRC bot down?


P.S. I really like the batchpcb service and haven't had any issues with any of the roughly dozen orders I've placed. Keep it running and keep up the good work!
By insertBillHere
Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I even submitted a job that's already passed DRC, and now it fails. It's a holiday weekend, maybe we'll see Tuesday =)
By busonerd
Working on it now - the machine is running gentoo, and does an emerge world at night. basically, what happened is it upgraded glibc, which broke the drc bot.

Just gotta find a version of the source thats still good, and rebuild.


--David Carne
By EmbeddedMan

FWIW - My company uses Gentoo exclusively for all of our servers, and our IT guys told me that they _never_ emerge anything automatically. Way too high a chance of something breaking. Every day or two they check to see if there are any security or stability related updates, and only emerge those (manually) if absolutely necessary. They love Gentoo, but auto-emerging can be very dangerous. (I ran into exactly the type of problem your dealing with when my home Gentoo box needed an Apache update, which needed new gcc, which needed new glibc, etc. I just reformatted and installed a different disto.)

Good luck with the BOT!

By busonerd
The bot actually runs on my desktop at the moment.. our servers definitely are not on auto emerge!

We're planning to move it over to a server at some point, but thats deferred for the moment until I have the next SW rev done anyhow.

Edit: Turns out it wasn't the auto-emerge afterall. It was some creative GCC profile switching I'd been doing to build the mspgcc toolchain. Should be fixed now.


--David Carne