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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By minty tryer

I want to build the "Minty" DIY mp3 player (pictures of the PCB in this link). The provided board layout is in EagleCAD format, so I went through your tutorial for exporting the right files. Starting from the provided layout, I turned on layers 29 and 30 (ok), and then ran the SFE-SilkscreenFix.ulp file. It runs for a while and then gives me an error box: "Invalid option: MR180" with no other text. I click OK and I get the same error again. I click OK again and it continues to run until finished with no obvious problems.

I'm using EagleCAD Version 4.13r1 for Windows "Light Edition" (the free one). I'm hoping to be able to do the soldering part of the project, but when it comes to the board layout I have no clue, so any help would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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By sparky
Unfortunately we don't use Eagle - I speak Protel...

Some other Eagle users may be kind enough to help you out - sorry!