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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By twidget
We designed a board with Eagle and a TI MSP430 169. The MSP leads are tiny - 16 pins on a side, 20/1000s centers on the pins. The design won't autoroute and fails DRC unless I set clearance to 6 mils. Is the 8 mil clearance rule hard and fast, and if so can you recommend a different board house?
By Moore Logic
I have worked with, and they have a drc file for Eagle that uses/accepts 6mil width and spacing. Obviously Sparkfun is by far the least expensive way to get a prototype as you don't need to buy a whole panel for small board sizes. But if you intend to do a production run later, I would advise making the prototype at the same house you do production at to insure everything will work out.

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By sparky
Thanks Jamie - Most of our customers (95% I'd say) are not looking for production runs. That's why the come here :wink:. But PCB-Pool is a fine service.

The 8mil trace is FIRM. You cannot violate it. We have to reject orders that violate this minimum.