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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By BigJP
I am having a difficult time figuring out what component i need to add. For example there are many different resistors and it took me a while to find out which one i needed. I am now trying to find out where a barrel power connector is. Does anyone have a link to help me out with this??

By Moore Logic

My experiience with Eagle has taught me not to rely on the supplied libraries. In one case a SOT-23 part had the pins mismapped and I had to cut traces and solder on wires to get my proto up and running, which I had made using the toner-transfer method in my garage. I was using colorful language while I made the modifications.

So get the Digikey and Mouser catalogs, select your parts and use the mfg data sheets to build up a custom library. This takes a while to learn, but one you have this mastered, you can use any part you desire and I often reuse the same components over and over so you get a lot of milage from your efforts.

Also be sure to make a schematic first and then lay out the board, as Eagle has not let me down is terms of a perfect match between scematic and resulting layout.

I bought a book from Borders on building circuit boards that has a tutorial on Eagle that has been very helpful.