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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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All PCBs are routed to the given border - not at inch increments.


If you PCB is 2.15x2.2", your overall cost is 4.73", round up, 5 square inches. BUT your board is actually cut to 2.15" and 2.2".

Each PCB is routed to the obvious edge. You can have a non-square border including simple curves and odd-shapes to fit into enclosures. Please don't get too creative as Gold Phoenix may revoke this if the complexity of the board orders get out of hand.
By Philba
Are rectangular notches ok? (I'd guess yes)
Can a board have a non-rectangular outline - L shaped, for example?
What about a circular board? Andif ok, what's the charge? (2.50 x 4R^2?)

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By sparky
Hi Phil,

We've been squirming about this one for awhile.

Amazingly, Gold Phoenix will allow us to route any contour. Including, L shapes, notches on the corners, circles, Pac-Mac Ghost shapes, etc.

I've been reserved about advertising this because I am worried that customers will get a little too creative with their board outlines.

Please, *no* internal routes, no chinese PCB throwing stars (it would be cool, no?), etc.

Circles are ok. Please do calculate the largest square PCB size as we still have to pack your order onto the panel and circles will inccur a lot of wasted space.

By e
so if i have a board 10 in by 10 in square and I get a 9.5 in square routed out of the middle to make me a nice copper clad frame for only 10 square inches?!? :shock:

cool, im making up my order right now

just kidding :lol:
By SOI_Sentinel
Great, now I have to reconsider rebuilding the guts of the original black Lazer Tag guns I have lying about into RPV laser designators AGAIN....
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By sparky
Dah! - e,

I actually wrote a reply to that before I read your entire message :wink:. I shouldn't respond to posts before coffee...

By Vraz
I used a rectangular border on the component side silkscreen layer. I had a couple of connectors that hung off so in my email message I included a note saying "please use the rectangular border on the silkscreen -- just cut off the connectors that hang over". That was exactly what I got back. They want enough information so they don't end of having to guess.
By jrcfg
Obvious edge in Eagle would be in the dimension layer...your board outline...layer #20.
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By sparky
Actually - a border on the silkscreen layer is ideal. We know where the layer is in the CAD program but the guy in china cutting them apart can see the border.

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By sparky
Actually - that design is painfully obvious. If you've got an obvious border, everything over that border will be removed.

If it's silkscreen - there is no harm if something gets removed by mistake. We will remove things are our discretion.

If there is any concern, question, or if we think it will change your design in some way, we will shoot you an email.

By jrcfg
...the guy in china cutting them apart...
Isn't this an automated function, using CNC, and thus there doesn't have to be a visible boarder?

...a border on the silkscreen layer is ideal...

Is this just to help you guys when you panelize (because I haven't included a border in the silkscreen layer in the boards I've ordered) If you would prefer this, I'll start including it. :D

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By sparky
Not sure if it's automated. Shane at Gold Phoenix made it sound like it was very labor intensive either way.

Just be sure to get a border in there some where. Top silk is good, top copper is good.