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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By DavidM
I have uploaded my design to batchpcb, and it says that submission has been successful. But i never get an email with the results. Am i doing something wrong?
By propellanttech
Make sure your email address is correct...and check your spam folder.

It should take anywhere from 2 to 40 minutes to get the email.

I've not had any problems.

James L
By DavidM
Thank you for the answer.
I've checked the spam folder, and tried two different email adresses, still no result :(
By busonerd
Thats odd. Can you email the zip that you're uploading to dcarne at this domain, and I'll see whats going on.

As far as I can tell, the DRC bot is still running nicely.. haven't seen any designs go through it yet this morning though.

--David Carne
By ktmglen
I'm having problems with the DRC bot too. I uploaded my design several times this evening and have yet to receive a response.
By gussy
Exact same thing here, its not sending me emails, I am using the same account which worked fine before...
By busonerd
Hi all.

Something is definitely wrong on our end. I'm still trying to track down where its gone wrong.

Update: Found it. Emails should be going out shortly. We still have all the uploaded designs, but the DRC app just wasn't pulling them down right. Two separate bugs were making the problem appear to be somewhere else completely.


--David Carne
By gussy
Confirmed, just got my emails.
By ktmglen
Yep. My emails came through too.
By DavidM
hey, got my mails too now, :)