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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By whitnasty1
So I have placed about five orders with BatchPCB over the last month or so to try out their services, while I am overall pleased with the quality of their boards, I have had nothing but problems with their shipping and turn around time. I have spoken to customer service several times regarding shipping, because I have paid extra for their expedited manufacturing process, which tells you at the time of check out, the expedited times are one to two week turn around time instead of the average two to six week turn around time. The turn around time on my very first order was 18 days, and every single order after that has been at least 22-25 days, so I am not really sure why I continue to pay expedited prices when I am getting boards in their "normal" time frame. I ordered a board last week, again expedited, and the panel has been filling for over seven days, when I was guaranteed they send out expedited orders at least once a week?? And there are two panels more than ten numbers ahead of me that have already gone out? I don't know what the deal is with their shipping times, but they need to be adjusted, because they are wrong, and their customer service is next to non existent and has give me incorrect information numerous times. I understand that this a, "we'll get it when we get to it", kind of process, but if you have people paying extra for items and they are waiting on these boards for work and their businesses, some level of care needs to be taken. I am going to be looking around for a different board house in the mean time, but I just can not afford to wait so long when pumping out prototypes and I am paying the extra money to get them in a somewhat timely manner.
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By leon_heller
I've just received my latest batch of boards from ITead. They took 10 days - eight days processing and manufacture and two days shipping. I paid extra for delivery by DHL.
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By Ross Robotics
Also try OSH Park.

Better quality, good price for smaller boards. Free shipping, usually takes 2 weeks.