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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By peterpan
I'm sure I'm missing something here. I have a 4 layer board, 5" x 3", but it is new and unproven so of course I'm looking for the cheapest way to prototype. So, looking at the "promo" prices at board houses I've used before or have considered, I'm seeing prices of about $50, and though some companies expect a minimum of 4, at least one has a similar quantity 1 price. So I'm here because a lot of folks told me batchpcb was a great and well priced alternative. But on the welcome page I read "$8.00/sq. inch for 4 layer boards". Well that means my 5 x 3 board will cost me $120, which would be about the worst price I've seen anywhere. Surly I'm mus-understanding the price structure?
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By Ross Robotics
If you don't want a headache, go somewhere else. BatchPCB is awful..

Go to Itead if you're looking for the cheapest.
By languer
Yup, not that hard to follow. $120 for one copy of your design, + $10 for setup + shipping and handling.

If you only need one copy of your design this may not be a bad move. If you need more than one copy then yes look elsewhere.

I also like OSH Park(; in fact I like them a lot. For a 4-layer design it would still run you $150; but you get three copies of the design.
By peterpan
Well I was afraid to mention other actual companies here, as I thought I'd be stepping on toes. But is doing 4 layer prototype bds bigger than mine for $50 each, min quantity 1, and free ground shipping. Of course it may turn out to be crap, or a one time only "promo" (something I'm looking into now), but if I can get 2 for $100, I'll feel a LOT better about an unproven design.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the candid truth, and also for the other recommendations.
By whitnasty1
That's insane for that size board, and you can't get your boards expedited, being a 4 layer board. I have paid for expedited shipping on every board I've ordered from batchpcb and they still take atleast 3 weeks.