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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By adoniram
This is my first time using BatchPCB and, additionally, my first time using PCB software. I'm using Eagle and SparkFun's CAM job to generate the job files. I'm somewhat familiar with the terminology in the log files (I've been working in 3D for a long time) but figuring out the cause of the errors - and for that matter, the errors themselves - has me confused.

I've searched for how to read the DRCbot log files and haven't come up with anything like a glossary or guide.

If anyone could help me identify what's wrong with my design, or point me in the direction of reading the log correctly, that would be tremendously helpful.

BottomCopper Log:
unmatched 274X paramblock OFA0B0 - len 6
Macro Name = OC8
Macro Consuming 5,1,8,0,0,1.08239X$1,22.5 [2]
PUSH 1.000000
PUSH 8.000000
PUSH 0.000000
PUSH 0.000000
PUSH 1.082390
PUSH 22.500000
Arg: 0.0520
Looking up macro OC8 [0x995190]
Beginning GCODE run
Ending GCODE run
Created 578 polygons
Found 0 errors
Distance testing
MergeCount: 563
tests: 57164
Board boundaries: Rect: [0.050000,0.050000] -> [3.197600,0.773400], w: 3.147600, h: 0.723400
Found 15 groups
lengthdb size 0
exit status: 0
DRC put out 27 lines of logging code
Top Copper Log:
Could not parse G command value!
exit status: 255
DRC put out 1 lines of logging code
Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. I can provide a link to the design on BatchPCB as well, if that's helpful.