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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By Doktor J
I notice in the FAQ it says to not mirror bottom layers; I assume this means mirroring the entire layer (so it looks as though you're looking at it "from the bottom" instead of the usual "through the top" view); should I still mirror my text as I do with other fabs, so the text comes out correctly left-to-right when printed?

IOW, is this right?
dark red = top copper
dark blue = bottom copper
magenta = top silk
cyan = bottom silk
By TBecker
AFAIK, when you move stuff to the bottom layer, EAGLE automatically orients the text correctly. Given your example, that cyan text should be printed correctly on the back side of your board. If you mirrored the text on the bottom layer, you could read it from the top, but it would be backwards on the board when you looked at it.
By Doktor J
Well the silk layer is a custom layer, so I'm not sure EAGLE will do anything to it "automatically"; I set the text as mirrored, but placed it where I wanted it.

This type of setup worked well when I sent some boards to OSHPark; however, BatchPCB is much more economical for a single board of the size I want (about 3"x4"), and I wanted to give them a try and compare the output. Of course, to make the most accurate comparison, I want to make sure I submit the files properly!
By Doktor J
So... no disrespect to TBecker, but can I get an authoritative response from someone @ sparkfun about this? I'm unemployed right now, so sending off a $40 order to "find out" whether something will come out right just isn't gonna happen.
By jmdhuse
Hi -

I've ordered dozens of boards from BatchPCB over the years and never had a problem with bottom silk text... I do as you would suspect - mirror and place it where you want. It looks backwards on the computer screen because you are "looking" through a transparent board image, but when you turn the actual physcial board over, the text is correct.

Good luck!

I wouldn't hold my breath if you are waiting on a response from someone at BatchPBC. They don't post on here. I haven't used BatchpCB but other fabs have no problems with mirrored items on the bottom layer. If you are that worried, use another fab house. Itead and OSH Park are cheap.