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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By jshamlet
I have been trying to upload a couple of 4-layer designs, both of which are slightly tweaked/refined versions of boards I have already built using BatchPCB. In both cases, despite specifying the inner layers during upload, they came up as 2-layer boards and failed DRC. I tried going into the layers tab and checking to see if the layers were missing, but no - they were there. Further, when I saved the layers (without changing anything) they started showing up as 4 layer boards with updated pricing.

However, both are stuck in the DRC queue. I uploaded last night, and they are still showing as "checking" - despite the fact that the status tab shows DRC bots available?

The first problem isn't necessarily a show-stopper as long as there is a work-around, but right now I can't order either board.
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By Ross Robotics
Just use another fab company. Look through the posts here and you will see that everyone is having trouble with BatchPCB and they are not going to fix it.
By jshamlet
That's a shame - I've built most of my prototype FPGA development hardware with boards from batchpcb, and I was returning to fab new boards that incorporate bug fixes. Unfortunately, there aren't many hobby level board houses that will do shared runs like this. The closest I've seen is DorkbotPDX, but I haven't tried them yet.