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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By redwire
I'm finding the DRC bot adds 0.1" along the PCB outline perimeter:

Upload a PCB (exactly 17.47in^2) it's $42.50; after DRC bot runs it's $47.50 and ~19in^2
Upload a PCB (exactly 4.03in^2) it's $10; after DRC bot runs it's $12 and ~5in^2

I complained once and they manually adjust, but this is a hassle.
The PCB's are a simple rectangle with no parts near the edge.

Anyone else getting hosed like this?
By jmbw
I've seen crazy constants added to the dimensions in the DRC report but not in the billable size *except* that unless things have changed in the botched website overhaul, it bills you for the width of the outline. I.e. the billable size is to the outer edges of the outline instead of its centerline. So I use a 0-mil line in the .oln file -- or I used to until I gave up on ever getting the new website to accept my files. Somehow I doubt you're using a 100-mil line for your outline... But if you are, there's your problem!