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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

With an Ipad3 and Safari, I can't even sign in.
Win7 and IE 8, WinXP and IE 7, it keeps looping back to the Shipping and Payment Information page.
Win7 and Firefox, I get an error message that the country and shipping are incorrect, even though they are entered correctly.

The loop is:
Load up my cart, go to the Checkout, Shipping Options, select USPS First Class Mail International, Next->
Order Review, all looks good -> Place Order ->
then punted back to Shipping and Payment Information, with Country changed to United States and State is <please select>.

I emailed Batch PCB a few weeks ago and they would get their IT guys to look into it.
I think it's a website problem with "International Shipping" coded as USA only.

Any advice, I 'm getting pissed off waiting for them to fix this website bug so I can order.
Why don't you just go somewhere else? When they lose most of their customers, they might fix something.
How would BatchPCB know they are losing business due to problems? Every PCB house I've dealt with has "issues". I found BatchPCB good for onesie-twosie proto stuff, when their system is working but it's pooched again. Thought I would post here and see if they listen to their customers.

Let me know who you recommend to go with.

Adafruit has a list of vendors here:
and a cost comparison calculator here:
My top Fab house is OSH Park. Good prices and awesome quality.
Next would be Itead. Very good prices and decent quality.

These are the only 2 I use. But I've heard good things about Seeed as well.

They would know because they are seeing less profits. Their website was perfect before someone decided to change it. And I don't care that they switched, but they obviously didn't test it before throwing it up. Just bad business practice. Don't get me wrong I love Sparkfun's products, customer service on the retail side. But after all the posts I've seen coming from BatchPCB, I don't think I will ever use them.

Or you're maybe like me, if you find a good service and are a loyal customer, then you will stick by them. I have no problem with that either. I have places like that. Maybe use another service and check back later. Your call.

Good luck either way.
After 6-7 weeks waiting for them to fix a website bug, I pulled the plug on BatchPCB. It's obvious they have no presence here in the forums and aren't tending to the business, let alone their customers.

codlink, thanks so much man I went to OSH Park and not only are they faster, gold-plated, they are 33% cheaper for 3-lots of a pcb design!
No problem. OSH Park is one of the best all around if you are doing small runs and/or small PCBs. The bigger PCBs get pretty expensive. That's where ITead comes in. Their bigger PCBs are cheap.

I also don't know what BatchPCB is doing behind the scenes but it doesn't look like much. I really think they gave up. I really hope someone gets fired because of the issues related to the site. I never used them, but they seemed like a good company.