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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

I'm trying to upload my gerbers for a board using RCP electronics cam file

I get the following error message in the failure email:

unmatched 274X paramblock OFA0B0 - len 6
Macro Name = OC8
Macro Consuming 5,1,8,0,0,1.08239X$1,22.5 [2]
PUSH 1.000000
PUSH 8.000000
PUSH 0.000000
PUSH 0.000000
PUSH 1.082390
PUSH 22.500000
Beginning GCODE run
Ending GCODE run
Created 204 polygons
Found 0 errors
Distance testing
MergeCount: 75
tests: 6166
Board boundaries: Rect: [0.086500,0.100500] -> [2.438500,3.243700], w: 2.352000, h: 3.143200
Found 129 groups
lengthdb size 0
DRC space fail: [0x2456d90 0x2457fb0] 0.005650 - 0.006000
DRC space fail: [0x2457fb0 0x2456d90] 0.005650 - 0.006000
exit status: 255
DRC put out 27 lines of logging code

Is my problem in the DRC space fail? It looks like those are coordinates or something? :think:

I would upload the eagle files and board files if I could but I don't see the option here? Could be because I just signed up....I've been using EAGLE and BatchPCB for a while and have always been able to figure out the problem but this time I'm stumped. Any help would be great! In my zip file for the board I'm including the .sts, .stc, .sol, .plc, .cmp and .drd

Let me know if i'm leaving out any vital information...I'm a newbie to this forum.