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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By Sailmike
First, this is my first attempt at creating my own circuit board and custom parts for it in Eagle. I need to create a custom part for a connector. I've looked at other connector files to get an idea how to make them, since the Sparkfun tutorial doesn't have anything on creating custom connectors. My question concerns the hole sizes. The data sheet for the part says the hole diameter is 1.02 mm and are spaced 2.54 +/-0.08 mm apart. I don't know how to handle the +/- 0.08 mm part.

Thanks for your help,
By Sailmike
Alright, I've set down the number of pads I need for the connector. The information button allows me to change the name of that pad as well as it's position, diameter, and drill. What drill size do I use? This is where I put 1.02mm?