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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

By zkummer
I posted this somewhere else, but got no response, so I'll try again. The FAQ is all wrong in regards to requirements, and is incomplete anyway. With all the time spent on changing the site all around, this was untouched. I know the DRC bot ignores a lot of these things and is perfectly happy to let me make a dead PCB, but to avoid this, how about at least letting us know what to put into our own DRC bots.

Minimum pad to pad clearance
Minimum pad to trace clearance
Minimum trace to trace clearance
Minimum hole to pad clearance
Minimum hole to trace clearance
Minimum copper to copper fill clearance
Minimum hole-edge to copper fill clearance
Minimum thermal relief line width
Minimum annular ring width for pads
Minimum annular ring width for vias
Minimum & maximum hole sizes
Minimum via hole size
Minimum distance from board edge to any copper
Minimum distance between copper areas
Minimum trace width (if it is 8, please set the DRC to use a float slightly below 8 so they are not rejected)
By mrdudeman
It's ridiculous that this was never posted anywhere in the first place. is the definition of half-assed in some ways.