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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

I have been waiting for shipping options so long that I've progressed for effects pedals through redesigned ATMega328 board through a synthetic aperture radar system.
Quite frankly not having any shipping options for so long is awful and the fact that this is Sparkfun who run things so smooth they make glass look rough only makes it more shocking.
Please please please fix this as I have four projects now after this not working for so long.
I am a UK residident and have used BatchPCB and SparkFun many times before.
(Sorry for caps, but I'm really getting mad at this, having waited many months...)


Why cant you just hack the code to always add a force USPS option that would stop the ordering process and have somebody look at it (apparently the reason for system complexity is determination of postage cost, so just have somebody look it up and let me continue ordering later)? I think that this somebody would very soon be very interested in fixing the code instead :P

I used to use your services for all my PCBs, but now I'm seriously looking for alternatives, because I'm not going to risk losing $32 in shipping with FedEx (that I most likely cannot receive!). Somebody said in the other thread that they got shipped with FedEx, even when they asked USPS - so I'm not going to risk it.