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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By cloudscapes
Still not available.

I mean, I love sparkfun and I understand small businesses can have difficulties larger ones don't have, but come on, it's been months.

Is there some weird regulation blocking them? Is it a location issue?
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By redwire
I just emailed BatchPCB support and they changed the shipping to USPS for me, like they said here: Subject: The Curse of the Disappearing Shipping Options
At my order checkout, only a Fedex (international) shipping option shows ($23!) to Canada but I'm glad to have a workaround.
I think it's a bit of code to automate getting USPS international shipping costs and hope they get caught up.
By eejake52
I am a regular customer (12 orders over the last 5 years). I went to place another order and observed the same problem mentioned by others - still no USPS to Canada. I asked via email to support, and they suggested paying for Fedex and then switching. I didn't do that because you always lose money when you charge US$ on your credit card and then get a credit.

C'mon BATCHPCB, get that USPS option back please!

At the very least, someone from batchpcb, please advise if you are working on getting it back?

By cloudscapes
cross-posted from other thread.
SFEBPCB wrote:Hello all, I sympathize with your complaints and they are no going unheard. Our IT depart is still trying to figure out this bug in our system that will not allow International customers to be able to choose USPS shipping functions. If you are not able to choose a shipping function and there is not one available there is not much we can do at the moment. If you are able to at least choose FedEx, you can choose to keep that shipping method or I can manually switch it to USPS and refund you the difference. I will just need you to email your invoice so I know who to refund the money back to. Sorry for the inconvenience, I know this is frustrating. If you have any other questions email me at
Alright, so I did this. I ordered a PCB a few weeks ago, clicked on the only shipping option I had, FedEx, and added a note in the shipping form.
Please manually switch the shipping option to USPS. Thank you.
To be sure, I also sent an email to support.
Hi there,
I've just completed an order. #18058

I'm one of those who's USPS option seems to have mysteriously dissapeared
from the shipping options page. As instructed by a batchpcb person here:


I set it to fedex and am now requesting it be manually changed to USPS
(doesn't matter which USPS option specifically).

Thank you!
Now yesterday, I receive an automated email from BatchPCB stating my order has been shipped via FedEx. Today, sure enough, a FedEx delivery attempt was made.


I'm a little more than ticked off. And it's not mainly about the money either (though it's part of it). It's about needing to hassle a neighbor or friend to accept the package for me because I can't get this delivered to work. FedEX (and UPS) here in canada have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to following directions on delivery notices or through phone calls, which is why USPS is always the preferred option for me. It's not the money.

I was under the impression that by following the instructions in your post (not one message to support but two if you count the shipping notes) I could get it changed to something I might of hoped to getting without complications.

I hope I can find a friend or neighbor that doesn't work during the day who will accept the delivery for me. Or if I can't, by some miracle FedEx follow my instructions to leave the package at my door (in the rain). Because for those of us without cars, getting all the way to FedEx headquarters out in the middle of nowhere is a bit of a hassle. Probably have to take a few hours off work to do so.
By cloudscapes
My post from yesterday may have been a bit scathing. I posted it five minutes after getting the delivery notice so I was posting while ticked off.

I really like the *idea* behind batchpcb, and I love sparkfun. Plus getting more boards than you order randomly is a great bonus! But this FedEx/USPS problem needs to change. As well as the ignoring my request for a manual shipping change part.
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By phalanx
sephers wrote:***Edited by moderator***
You are welcome to post criticism but name calling like a 2 year old won't be tolerated. If I need to revisit this subject matter again, you're gone.


By eejake52
Again, I had to place an order for PCBs using a relative's address in the USA (this only works because he is planning to visit us later this summer).

How hard can it be to calculate the postage to Canada? and whatever other countries are popular destinations for BatchPCB customers? When will this be fixed?

BATCHPCB - listen closely! What you hear is the sound of long time customers slipping away to competitors! I have been ordering PCBs from you for over 5 years; but this nonsense is driving me away!

Please fix this!

By urjaman
I'm bumping this (too), because this need to be fixed. BatchPCB used to be a really good service. Now it is an useless one for (AFAIK) all non-US residents. You're being really rude to 95% of the world population, FFS...
By jyoung
Just as an FYI, the fact that I couldn't get my board shipped via USPS at the time of ordering caused me to get my order built elsewhere, and it will in future until I'm able to get boards shipped via USPS (or some other low-cost non-priority option internationally).

Edit: I mean no offense, and I think BatchPCB is a great idea, however paying priority airmail at 100% of the cost of the order isn't viable.