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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By cloudscapes
Hey all,, I know the FAQ suggests I reload the shipping info page or try again later if a shipping option doesn't show up. However, I've been doing this regularly (starting the order process over nearly each time) about a dozen times a day since a few days ago.

Is this a normal delay for the USPS option to become available again? Courier is absolutely not an option for me. I made an order a couple months ago (november) and I had the option.
By mirapira
Well, I noticed too. I questioned, and who answered said that probably was usps that changed the service... probably... Even if this is confirmed, with the sparkfun account I can still use USPS service. I still believe that there is something wrong with the checkout page... probably. I known, i known.. I sound really stupid, but the situation is easy to check/resolve but... probably, I'm just one client.

By the way, I'm from Portugal....

Come on guys, you spoiled us with this great service, don't make me go look elsewhere...
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By XorXaX
I have the exact same problems as mentioned above.

I have sent an email to but they don't seem to wanna help me anymore...

I even tried changing my address to one i the states, instead of Sweden, but no luck.

It would be really great if I could order soon...
By Hello1024
The lack of the USPS delivery option now means that no delivery options at all are available for me in the UK, hence I cannot order!

Would anyone in a country where delivery is still working be prepared to "order-share" for a 4 layer PCB and send my PCB onwards? Email me at o.m.a.t.t.o.s at if you're interested. I'll even pay the postage for your boards.
By jcayer
SFEBPCB wrote:Yes we are currently having problems with Paypal and USPS options for BatchPCB. We will have this figured out shortly, if you have any questions feel free to email us

Any ideas when things are going to be fixed ?


By mirapira
Guys... this situation is beyond reasonable... You should hire more/other IT people. Searching for another predictable service... I recon it's going to be difficult to find other service with this price/service but something will come up. Its very sad you dont care about minorities such as "other-countries-beyond-USA"

So Long and thanks for all the fish.....
By jcayer
XorXaX wrote:
jcayer wrote:UP !!!
Erm, no it's not. Still not wokring.

But at least my PCBs I ordered from China instead will arrive this week.

I wrote "UP" to put this thread UP on top ....

So maybe some administrator would take care of this issue...
By nathangray
If you have (or can make) a friend in the US, you can try to get your package bounced through them - USPS still works for those in the USA. Not a solution, but it's the work-around I'm using until they get USPS fixed.

Check out all the costs first though, you don't want to short your middleman. For me:
USPS to Idaho $5.35, 3-5 days
USPS Priority Flat rate (Canada) $11.95, 6-10 days
Beer $4-8, N/A

Transit time comparable to USPS direct, and still half the price of the other shipping options.
I'm trying to order a couple of prototype boards from the UK and can't get through the ordering process.

I had a reply from <>:
On 31 Jan 2011, at 15:04, Support wrote:

Currently IT is trying to solve this problem. If your using a credit card to pay, then try paypal. Paypal seems to be working for international customers.
It won't let me past the Shipping stage of the process, otherwise I would use PayPal. Even though it shows Shipping as $2.00, it still wants me to select from an undisplayed list of shipping options.

I'd be interested to know how others are making it work with PayPal, if you can explain what to do, let me know how.