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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By Otatiaro

Here is a problem I have almost everytime I submit a board to BatchPCB.

I have a dimension layer, with the board outline, BUT, I often use USB connectors or JST-ZH right angle headers, etc which are place to extend a bit from the board (0.1 / 0.2mm).

And when I submit the board, I always have a board size that include everything, including the connector edges.

Is there a way to enforce the board dimensions ?


Problem is the top silk is exceeding the dimensions (plugs going outside of the PCB, having a tPlace marker).
I'd like the PCB to be cut exactly according to the dimension layer, not being extended by the silk or copper layer.

Is there a way to achieve that ?

e.g. the same would happen if I wanted castellation ... I'd need the board cut where the hole is, not outside of everything.
A quick-fix would be to just change the tPlace lines to tDocu lines of your USB connector and JST-ZH headers. When you run the cam job, the tDocu layer gets ignored, so it won't affect anything else.

Updating a part in your library is very simple in Eagle if you've never done it before.


That's what I usually do when I really need the boards to have the right dimension.

But it's time consuming because you need to cut the placement lines of the part between the tPlace - for what's on the PCB - and tDocu - or what's outside of the board - to get both the best looking eagle file and the correct dimensionned PCB.