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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

By Richard Crowley
This feels like a REALLY stupid question, but here goes, anyway.
Where are the descriptions and associated info (schematics, etc.) about the boards available in the Marketplace?

For example: I see "mhk2010_3" available for $31.39 but there does not appear to be the slightest clue what it is? (Even if there were an image of the board.)

I can't remember the last time I saw anything identifiable in the Marketplace? Am I missing something here? Are these things discussed and documented elsewhere (where?) and people just come to the Marketplace to buy them? How about some back-references to the information ABOUT these boards? Or is the Marketplace intended to be only an ordering facility with no attempt at information or marketing?
It is up to the person selling the design to provide info about the board. We tried to make it very well known that the more info provided, the more interest people will have about your design.