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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By kfurlong
Hello everyone,
This is my first time creating a board, and I am not sure if I did everything right, but I did follow the tutorial in the embedded electronics selection.
Anyway, I wanted to submit the attached file to BatchPCB, but dont know if it is okay. i get a bunch of width errors, but I think the settings on the auto router are okay.

If you guys wouldnt mind, I would appreciate it ifsomeone would tell me what is missing or if it is ready to go. Like I said, I have never done this before and I know nothing about different parameters of a pcb, so I just want to make one with the typical settings.


P.s. I also attached the schematic and board files to incase it is needed.
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By analogon
I looked at your gerber files with gerbv. I think I measured 0.0078 inches in your top copper between the second long row of holes to its adjacent vertical trace.

I don't like the style of running things so close, even if the rule checker did not have a problem. If you are just going to do autorouting, try setting the rules up to maybe 0.012 and re-route. You have so much unused space on that board, I can't see an autorouter having a problem. Heck, I doubt you would have a problem with 0.020 for most of the board.

I note you don't use silk screens. They don't cost extra.
By kfurlong
K I will do that. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Is that everything that is wrong? And As for the silk screen, I thought I did. I wanted the outlines and the designations of the parts(D1,R2,R3,R4,C2...etc) Is that not on there?

Plus I had a little note saying it was a PIC Dev V1.0

is it missing that layer?
By analogon
My mistake. Your .gto file does indeed have your silkscreen. It may not have everything you wanted there. Those parts designations you posted are not there. Your .gbo is empty. A bottom silk with some ticks to let you count pins can be handy for probing during any troubleshooting.

I did not look at your schematic. So I have no clue as to the logic of your board. I don't know if your traces are all big enough, for example, because I don't know the currents.

gerbv can look at your files. If you have a folder with only the files in that zip file in it, then in a command window cd to that folder. Then
Code: Select all
"C:\Program Files\gerbv-2.4.0\bin\gerbv.exe" *.*
will show layers for each of the files. That assumes your executable is in the same place as mine.

It lets you zoom in and measure. You can change the order of the layers. You could also list the files rather than using *.* in your command line. if you do that, then the order that you list the files determines the initial order of how the layers are drawn.