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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By delavar
I'm trying to submit my design with 1.27mm pitch headers. I have designed footprint manually in Orcad with pads 44r28. DRC bot returns my files with errors in these headers. It seems like batchPCB has no support for it. Is it true?
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By smbaker
Out of curiosity, why is the header pink and the rest of the traces and pads green? Is it possible that they are one different layers, but the drcbot does not realize they are connected and thus thinks they're different signals?
By delavar
Pink indicates DRC error. These pads are 0.44" diameters with 0.28" drill hole. But you gave me an idea - I will try to put 0.42" diameter (because of 0.8" limitation)
By analogon
Glad that was it. It was hard to tell the spacing from that image, but I suspected that was the cause.

I would try to not be at the minimums if there is no need. Clearly you will need close spacings at that connector. I don't know what size of pad would be recommended for that header. So 0.042 may be the right diameter to maintain the annular ring size.
You want to pay attention to your hole size for the 1.27mm pitch headers. This is not the place for .034 holes-- not that I know what size you chose. < ... -D&ref=pcb> , which may be similar to your headers, recommends 0.026 holes.

You have a lot of space elsewhere on the board. For example, you have a needlessly small spacing between a pad and a trace about 0.4 inches to the right of your right-most 1.27mm pitch header.