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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

By Philipf
Heres a quick suggestion, how about having a button to allow us to manually pass our designs. The bot is getting pretty unreliable now and out of 6 designs 5 have had to been manually passed and have indeed worked when they have arrived. It will save you a fair bit of time answering emails and passing them :)

If we pass a faulty design, its our fault and our money lost and by pressing the pass button we would know the risk! 8)

I can assure that it is no problem for me to answer emails back on this subject and the time that it takes is minimal. In fact I make sure as soon as I get an email that it is answered asap. There is more that goes into passing designs then just pushing the button and passing it. We need to be able to track what is going down with the bot so we can adjust, in cases of bugs, errors and designs that are causing static in our system. We appreciate the suggestion, so let it be known that your feedback is not going unheard.

By Philipf
Patrick, thanks for the response, I thought it would be easier for you :)

You've passed alot for me in the last few weeks and I thank you!

Phil F