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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By majestik666
I'm trying to submit an board designed in Altium and upon
submission, the images produced by the bot seem to show a problem
with the silk screen (both top & bottom).
It appears like the silk screen is inverted, i.e. ink where there should be none
and no ink where there should be some ...
Look at the attached picture for an example of the output.
Any idea on how to fix it ?
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
By analogon
Normal IMO. Looking at one of my bot files emailed back, silkscreen over non-copper areas was rendered in black, and rendered in orange over copper. However since I had a geometric pour over my board, most silk rendered in orange. So the black parts were not obvious to me before I studied the images after reading your post.

Still, I would try also viewing your files with gerbv. That should distinguish if there is any problem with Altium files that might have been otherwise missed. But I think your silk is not reversed.
Sometimes silks do get inverted. To counter this, I review every design that comes through batch before I panelize, if a silk was inverted I would change it to the correct position. If you have any more questions feel free to email
By WonkoTheSane
I don't think the silkscreen is "inverted;" it looks like the image-rendering system is identifying the silkscreen as solder-mask.

It happens to my boards all the time, and looking in the Marketplace, seems to be happening to quite a few other customers as well. A few look right, though. In the "right" ones, I see white silkscreen; and the green solder-mask has reddish-yellow "holes" over the pads, or black if the mask is open over bare board.

I'm hardly "fluent" in Gerber, but I did have a look at my files, and found a comment line that gives each file a "page number;" is it possible the bot is reading these numbers? I posted a more extensive comment along these lines here.

Maybe editing these page numbers would help things? Any suggestions on where to start?

Thanks for any help.
By analogon
WonkoTheSane wrote:I don't think the silkscreen is "inverted;" it looks like the image-rendering system is identifying the silkscreen as solder-mask.
I think it is just a color code by the DRC. Black means silkscreen over non-copper. Goldish tan that you see (RGB ~ 158,123,52) means silkscreen over copper.