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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By TheDirty
one.... million.... dollars!


BatchPCB doesn't actually design boards, they just makes what you've designed. Design the board, figure out it's dimensions, then work out the price yourself.
Our prices are $2.50/sq. inch for 2 layer boards and $8.00/sq. inch for 4 layer boards. Please see the FAQ for more details.
Plus the $10 setup fee.
By bobcousins
xevilstar wrote:look at this manual page:

the blue striped miniboard.

I would like to have this minishield converted into a pcb with the only difference that all 3 potentiometer leads are on the same side .... how much ?
If you have the design, then the board would cost about $12 to make. If you want someone to create the design, hey I would do it for free, but I don't see why a PCB is required... why not just move the preset and solder the wires on the other side of the board.. unless I misunderstood something here. It's stripboard, so you can create any layout you want.
By n1ist
If the issue is that your trimpot has the three leads in a row rather than a triangle, it will work as is. On the stripboard, all of the holes in a strip are connected together. That's why there is a note to cut the strip under the resistor for the backlight.
By xevilstar
I tried and ended up thinking that in the end a shield to simply plug the glcd onto could be a good idea. Sparkfun please can you make us a kit ?
By n1ist
It is an easy shield to make. I would suggest learning Eagle or Kicad and trying to make it yourself. You seem to have lots of ideas that would be easier to carry out if you could design your own boards and have BatchPCB or similar fab them.