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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By bobcousins
I uploaded a design a few hours ago, DRCbot has run and apparently skipped over my design, the "last design run" number is greater than my design number. There are 0 people waiting, it says.

Is there a problem with my submission that DRCbot would have skipped it?
By tjncooke
I've found that if you click "Upload", and nothing happens, and you try it again, it claims the upload was successful, but the DRC bot never runs your design. I've taken to aborting after one click of "Upload" and restarting from scratch. It's annoying. (Using FF3. Not sure if it happens in IE. Maybe I'll check next time I have to upload designs.)
By bobcousins
Yes, I have had this happen several times now (also FF3 here). After the layer selection, it fails to go the next screen (the size confirmation). Clicking again puts me at the job summary page with a zombie job.

Unfortunately I use KiCad which labels everything ".pho" which is a bit tedious to reselect every time.
By analogon
I had this occur 3 times last night. After the first two times, I switched to a different browser.

I then went back and re-generated my gerbers, created a new zip file, and then uploaded again. That worked.

I didn't know if there was something unique in the first zip file. I just re-tried the first zip, and it worked. So I will treat it as random glitch that can be worked around by trying again.

This thread did make me feel more comfortable with it happening to me.
Sometimes something gets botched in the upload process and all that shows up are empty files. So the drc never passes anything because essentially there is nothing there to pass.