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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By BigRedBee
Probably a question for Sparky, but perhaps others have encountered this issue:

I have a small design (1"x2") and want to build many of them. I have had Gold Phoenix panelize my design, putting 20 or so on one panel and V-scoring.

How do I go about getting a solder stencil made? THe gerbers I have only represent one instance of the design repeated multiple times on the panel.

Can Gold Phoenix provide a gerber representing the solder stencil layer for the entire board?

Or am I on my own to create my own by stepping and repeating?
By Philba
If you had panelized it yourself, you would be able to panelize the solder mask as well.

Wish I could help you but you'll need to know the interboard spacings that GP used to be able to contstruct the stencil

for future reference, take a look a gerbmerge. a bit tedious to set up up but seems to work pretty well. can't beat the price.

By BigRedBee
I was just in the middle of downloading gerbmerge when I got a reply back from GoldPhoenix. They will send back gerbers that match the panelized design. I think I'll play with gerbmerge anyway......