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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By parts-man73
I just finished and submitted my first board. I received error messages "Error - aperture too thin" at apertures 10,19,20,21 and 33. These errors were reported on the Top Layer File.

Being a newbie, I'm not exactly sure what an aperture is, or how to correct it.

Any help is greatly appreiated!
By Philba
aperture in this case is a tool shape. think of it like a "brush" the gerber uses apertures to "draw" lines and such. You have several that are less than 8mils. Open up the top layer gerber file and look for something similar to %ADD10R,0.0709X0.0630*% (which defines a 70.9x63 mil aperture in this case - an smd pad, I think). You should see it define something too small. Then look down for a line that is something like D10* - the lines following it define the coordinates where that aperture is used. Get viewmate and open up the top layer and look at the coordinates that will show you what's causing the problem. Look at your other apertures as well.

in eagle, text is too thin and causes aperture errors. eagle drc should flag it, though.
By parts-man73
I finally figured out my aperature errors. Somehow the settings for the cam job got changed. The top copper layer had all layers selected, so the output for my .CMP file was a big mess. I looked at it with Veiwmate and immediately found the problem.