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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

Before the batchPCB site went online there was an Eagle tutorial on the PCB page of the Spark Fun site. There was a script which would fix the silkscreen line size as I recall. I can't find it now.

As an Eagle noob, I think it would save me a lot of work.

Is that page still around somewhere?

-Thanks, -Kevin Stokes
By spacewrench
I got my copy of the script from the old "Tutorials" section of the SparkFun website, but the entry link has been redirected to BatchPCB, and I don't know what happened to the content that used to be under there. However, searching for "silk screen silk_gen.ulp" in the PCB forum turns up this thread, with these scripts:


I don't know if these versions are still current, but maybe they'll help you get started.