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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By Caffeine
Bryan1 wrote:
Caffeine wrote:P.s. I used to live in the adelaide hills, Mt Barker actually, nice place, much quieter and easy going than Sydney that's for sure! 8)
Hiya Caffeine,
Well mate Mt Barker is becomming more like an Adelaide suburb everyday but I'm out a Kanmantoo and I own an 85 acre farm, run solar and wind gennies for power and rely on rainfall for water. Although we are in the Mt Barker council area we don't get any services off them what so ever :evil: I mean even the road to my place is little more than a goat track with an open speed limit and after a decent rain it's almost un drivable. But it's heaven over here.

Cheers Bryan :D
Yes, driven through kanmantoo many times :)

Is there still that mushroom farm between Mt Barker & Kanmantoo? That used to stink! (Apologies if that's your farm!)

I've been back to visit my mother in Mt Barker fairly frequently, and each time the place has grown a huge amount, but without corresponding investment in infrastructure or facilities. The roads are clogged, the place is packed, and it's very much not the 6000 person town it was when I lived there!

Sorry for the off topic post everyone.
By Nutter
Totally off-topic now.. but add another to the Adelaide hills(ish) list - I'm originally from Aberfoyle Park. I've been living in Canada for a few years now however.. and I have to admit that the postage to Australia isn't something I miss an aweful lot. :P Living an hour from the US border has its advantages!