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By roach
Hi All. I'm trying to find a 6x1 pin header and female connector with a 2mm pitch. This seems devilishly difficult to find online (all I can find is .1" pitch, which is too big). Can anyone point me to a manufacturer or distributor?
By wiml
Both Digi-Key and Mouser seem to carry them ... you might need to do some poking around on their websites to find exactly the part you're looking for; this is one of the things that the printed catalogs are sometimes better at. (I just noticed that Mouser's web parts search has gotten better, though, nice...)
By Philba
at mouser, i searched for "header 2mm" and got 36 pages of results.

The catalogs are good but often they have products that aren't in the catalog - only on line.
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By roach
Yeah, the pin header is relatively easy to find, but I'm not up on the vocabulary for the "plug" part. Basically, I'm looking for a female 6P, 2mm connector, that I can solder or connect 6 wires to, and which will plug into the 6-pin header on the board (for connecting the board to another peripheral).

On mouser's site, I'm seeing "receptacle", "connector", "female", "common termination", "socket", and I have no idea which of the thirty million terminologies is the one I'm looking for...
By Philba
yeah, been there - until you know the name of the part, you can't find it. If you know the name, you don't need to find it...

What I'd do is search mouser for the pin part and then go to the catalog page(s) its a link from the search results page. Usually they have the mating connectors in close proximity.