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Questions about the BatchPCB service

Moderator: robacarp

By beo
Using Eagle how do I determine the size of my pcb?
By spamiam
You draw a frame in the Tdocu layer. There are prefab frames available, but I have never used them. I just draw 4 wires starting at (0,0) and going from there.

By Philba
Can't you just use the frame in the dimension layer (20)? I think that's what it is for. Eagle certainly clips ploygons inside that boundary. DCR complains when you are too close to the edge as defined by the dimension layer frame.

I think (i.e. not sure of exact details) that the frame in the dimension layer is the center of a 40 mil router track.
By spamiam
Yes you are right. I made a mistage when I said TDocu. It is the dimension layer....