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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By tmbg
Do you guys have any suggestions on a small production run, say a panel's worth? Can you get us a good price on a whole panel, or should we go directly to gold phoenix, or someone else?

What is your panel size? I have two boards which are both 1.62"x0.75", and I'd like to be able to panelize them efficiently... I hope to get at least 70 boards out of a panel, and I want to be able to split it up between both types of board on one panel, which I imagine shouldnt be a problem since they're the same size.
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By sparky
It's really a toss up. We'd love to have your business, but really, we're just going to take the Gold Phoenix quotes us, add our markup and pass the price on to you. I have issues being a pure middleman, but I do need to eat.

If you need a panel, I'd say go to GP and forget about us. If you need a programmer or some parts, come back and say hi ;)

By tmbg
Honestly, it might be worth the markup just to have you guys dealing with GP, since you already have a relationship with them.

They're a little intimidating, their online quoter doesnt even allow me to specify something as simple as my board (minimum size issue and minimum layers is 4).

Would you be willing to talk numbers with me? Ie, size of panel and price per panel?
By pittuck
It would be best for you to conduct this by email to Nathan as its not 'normal' for sparkfun to offer large panels and may encourage too many others to enquire...