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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By chris89
PCB rules and limits

Boards can be as small as 0.5" (~12.7 mm) square.

2 or 4 layer boards - 0.062" FR4 material
2 Layer sizing:
8mil (~0.2 mm) spacing minimum
8mil (~0.2 mm) traces minimum
20mil (~0.5 mm) minimum drill size
4 Layer sizing:
6mil (~0.15 mm) spacing minimum
6mil (~0.15 mm) traces minimum
13mil (~0.33 mm) minimum drill size
No blind/buried vias

500mil (~12.7 mm) maximum drill size
All drill hits are plated through
No internal routes, no v-scoring, only drill files are sent to the fab house
Board is routed to the indicated border (very clean edges, you can get creative with the shape as well!)
Soldermask both sides
1oz Copper
No limit on the number of vias
No limit on pads or components
Multiple designs, multiple copies are allowed!
Any size up to 10x15", measured in inch increments (254mm x 381mm)
Minimum billable size 1x1" (smaller boards are allowed but rounded up)
Your design can be any size - 1 inch is the minimum

$10 setup fee (shown as a handling charge) - $2.50 per square inch for 2 layer designs, $8.00/sq. in. for 4 layer designs.
By gdurnan

I've been a user of batch since about 2008 and have probably put several scores of boards through about 20 odd orders. However I haven't used it for about a year since the new website/robot has been running. The reason is that I just don't have the time to sit down and figure why the bot keeps failing my boards. I always ran DRC on those boards but at the same time I will do RF boards where I want some funny shapes, or I may do something a little weird with copper pours or I may place unconnected vias all over the place so from time to time I'm sure something will get flagged. I had the DRC setup for the old bot based on the website recommendations and was able to get the boards to pass after a bit of experience.

Now today I have a board that I'd like to get done (don't have enough for a full panel order) and trying batch again a couple of things stand out.

1. It can't take metric drill files. I always used metric 3.4 leading and that always worked in the past. Now I did put a board onto the bot and it did actually pass, however it thought it was imperial and quoted me $13,000 for the job.

2. It gives no feedback. I need some kind of informative feedback from the bot when the bot fails my job. I just put a board through using imperial 2.4 trailing and the layer shots looked just fine and quotes me $15. However it fails, and I have no idea why. My DRC runs through it just fine.

I'd love you use your service again as I put alot of small jobs through it.... but as I said I don't have the time for the run-around. If you could work on your bot to give feedback, I would probably sit down and tweak my DRC.