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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By eejake52
Maybe I'm not so close as I thought. I use Eagle 4.14; I set the minimum clearance to 10 mil and passed the Eagle DRC, but then I failed the online DRC. The message was:
Checked Aperture 11 (8,0.0520): Failed
Error - Aperture too thin
How do I find the offending point on the board?

[OT] How do I attach a file here?

By pittuck
i promise i will fix this bug ASAP!

Ok whats happening is that Eagle uses octagonal pads which are made using a Macro which accepts a parameter.

At the moment i have not yet handled macro's, BUT i promise i will do it ASAP. For the moment i will just ignore them (ie not check them) but i will be able to give a warning (not an error) when a macro's parameter fails just might take a while to get that working.