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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By Hackman
Hi Sparkfun,

Is there a minimum width for silkscreen lines? I looked all over but didn't find any hard numbers on what the minimum widths are. I saw in the eagle tutorial that you have the silkscreens set at 8 mil, but it didn't say if this was the minimum. Are we allowed to set any width we want and take our chances if the silkscreen lines come out?

I've done tests at other board houses like the one below and it looks like silkscreens can go down to 2 mil without a problem, so i'm hoping the 8 mil isn't a hard minimum that you have and its just a guideline.


Also, just wanted to say this is a great service and keep it up!
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By sparky
I think we've tried some 6mil text that was unreadable. Gold Phoenix doesn't seem to mind silkscreen widths - it may just be unreadable.

8mil is the recommended minimum.

By Hackman
Cool. I'm going to try some 7 mil line width text because 8 mil just won't fit. If it comes out, great, if it doesn't, I'll consider it a lesson learned. I'll update the post when the boards come back to let everyone know if 7 mil line width text is readable.
By eejake52
How did you attach that photo to your forum post?

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By sparky
You click on the img button, type in the web address, and then hit the img button again to close the tags.

If the web address is bad, nothing will show.