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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By sparky
I guess we are becoming too main stream these days.

I just got chewed out on the phone because a 4/20 order did not ship until 5/11 - 22 days (Chinese Labor day May 2-6). The engineer complained he was going to be penalized because he couldn't make his quoted date.

The funny thing is, Ben mentioned this problem this morning. He's noticed we are getting more and more companies ordering PCBs.

For anyone wondering - this service is provided for hobbyists and students and whom ever else wants to screw around with PCB layout. Please don't call us when the shipment slides by a few days because of a holiday. It's out of our control.

On the flip side, we are fouling up more and more PCB orders just because of the mass of orders coming through. If we screw something up, we'll certainly do everything we can to help out.

If you need PCBs on a certain day, in a certain manner, *please* go elsewhere. Our cheap service is not for you.

What engineer in his right mind does that? Deadlines with our service... I guess I'll go change the PCB page again...

By moorejl
Sounds like cost cutting mania to me. Kind of like how the company I work for outsources work to India, only to end up flying the remote programmer to our site for a few months while paying for all his/her expenses. In the end is was cheaper to do the software in house due to the extreamly custom nature of the requirements.

For business people:
I tried Olimex, and was a bit dissipointed with lead time, but pcb-pool delivers exactly on time (10 days) and charges much less than their automated quote would leave you to believe. I paid $113.00 for 230 boards that were CNC routed and were 0.5" X 1.5". This included 3 day shipping from Ireland and I was quoted $191.00. I haven't tried their proto service, but I am sure it would be a similar experience.