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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By jasonharper
I received my fourth PCB order (#5440) yesterday, and this time there were some significant differences between what I ordered and what I got (fortunately, all of them cosmetic). Here's a screenshot of the design, and a scan of the board:
Image Image

The board is about 3mm larger than specified in both dimensions. That's about $2 worth of area that I didn't pay for (and that I'm going to have to trim off, so that it fits in the case).

The right half only(???) of the board outline ended up on the silkscreen - I had provided the outline as a separate layer.

The silkscreen outlines of power jack J1 and the GM862 module vanished. Both of these overhang the board edge, but I expected them to be clipped? Even if the entire offending lines were deleted, that doesn't explain the disappearance of the 4th side of each rectangle, the one that was entirely within the boundary.

The required right-reading text on the front copper layer, and on both solder mask layers, vanished completely. However, the text on the back copper layer remained. Was this manually deleted? Why?

None of this affects the usability of the board, but I'd really like to know what caused these discrepancies, and how to avoid them in future orders.
By pittuck
can u upload the gerber output?
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By sparky
Looks like your power connector silk was hanging over. When we go in to chop this off, it went away and it may have affected your border screen.

Same goes for the outline of the GM862 module. It's over the edge. When we go in to remove the vectors, some times they are connected. In your case, the entire square was go it all got axed.

Your border may be on a different layer than top silk.

The over-all cut to board is a bit off, but I don't know there tolerances. I'll check.

Neat board!