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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By computer

I was wondering - if I wanted 8 round boards, about 1.5" in diameter - how would I go about doing it?

Obviously I could just order lots of 2"x2" squares with the circle in the middle, but that's quite wasting and expensive. If you arranged them well, you could easily save space. Also how would I seperate them?

Just wondering how much it would cost for this sort of thing, or is it even possible?
By Steve
I once tried to fit extra round boards on a panel. They were bigger than your boards, but I had 10.6" x 16.6" panel size to play with and only .1" minimum separation. I spent over 30 minutes on it and didn't squeeze in ANY extra boards at all. Good luck :)

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By sparky
It's the largest square covering your design. We really won't be able to place any other designs in the free space around your circles.