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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By pittuck
Hi, just an update,

Metric / Inch should now work on Layers as well as Drill files.


- Martyn
By pittuck
ok macro support has been added, well they are now ignored. I am going to get some code to do a small test on the tool definitions using macros and give a warning if they cause errors. But they wont lead to a error as i tool using a macro could take a value of 4mill ( which would fail the check) and multiply it by 2 and 3 in the macro (to get 8mill and 12mill which should not fail).

You will also notice a cool new look to the drill tool page, i am working on the rest of the pages slowly but surely. Next stage is to get a MYSQL database account up and running so users can register.


- Martyn
By pittuck
ok everyone new tool to play with :D

can everyone upload a silkscreen file here:

and compare to the size of your board :D hehe, its not full proof and not yet 100% reliable as i dont take into account aperture widths, so it may be 2% - 5% out. depending on PCB size.

But all comments are welcome! (This will be an optional 'tool' in the pcb submission process, it should allow a simple checking of what the user calculates the size to be. There will also be a 'page' where the width and hight of a board can be input and the area worked out.)


- Martyn
By lucky
Hi Martyn,

It didn't work for me. I got:
And the results are:

X0 : Y0 => 0 = 0 inch2
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By phalanx
And the results are:

X02.0514 : Y00.8534 => 1.75066476 = 2 inch2

Right on the money!

By pittuck
ok lucky, there are 2 or 3 bugs. I now know any line with the letters X or Y in them at any point muck things up, also there is a problem with getting the X/Y co-odinates out.

I will have a go at em on wednesday as i have an exam in the morning.

BUT Eagle outputs and FreePCB ones should work ;)
By bgardner
pittuck wrote: BUT Eagle outputs and FreePCB ones should work ;)
Hi Martyn,

I submitted a FreePCB file to your checker utility last night. The board is 1" X 2" but the utility said it was 1.4" X 2.4". I believe the problem is that the origin of the board (the lower left corner) was not at 0,0 but instead was at 0.4,0.4. I don't know if this is something I can change in FreePCB, or if I even have to.

It certainly could be something I'm doing wrong since this is my first board with FreePCB (although I have submitted several other successful boards from a different program).

Not a big deal, just thought you would like to know.

Great job on your scripts, between them and the SFE PCB service it's a great way to get proto boards made.

Thank you,

By pittuck
ok fixed :D

It was a simple fix, but there was a bug that meant when i split the collection of X values into an array the first element was 0 (so it would always go to X0 Y0 as origin anyway!)

Anyhow, they should work now :D
By bgardner
Thanks Martyn.

I sent my FreePCB file through again and it worked fine.

By pittuck
ok cool
By eejake52
According to Eagle, I have 2.200 x 3.175; your program says
X2.237 : Y3.1746 => 7.1015802 = 8 inch2

The Y matches, but there is a difference on X. Any idea where I should look? I loaded it in Viewmate and didn't see anything outside the dimension layer, so it's a mystery to me.

By pittuck
can u take a screenie of viewmate?
By eejake52
Sorry, that was a false alarm; my mistake.

Now I'm getting the right answer.
X2.187 : Y3.1746 => 6.9428502 = 7 inch2