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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By computer

I'm looking at placing my first order for some PCBs.

What I have is two boards in Eagle. One is 2.4" wide, 2.65" tall. Another is 1.5" wide, 2.5" tall.

They are both single-sided boards, does that cut down price or not? If so might as well I make them dualsided and make them smaller?

Is it possible to get these sort of fitted together and then cut afterwards, or will they both have to be upped to the nearest inch? Making the first 3"x3" and the second 2"x3"?

Also, I'm in the UK so can you give me a rough indication of how much it would cost to have them sent to me?

If you'd rather talk to me about it in private then just private message me.

By Caffeine
Nathan said in one of his earlier posts that you can combine the boards yourself to save inches.

He gave an example like two 1.4in by 1in boards being combines, would make for 3 sq inches, rather than 2 separate boards of 2 square inches each.