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Is the connection between the motor controller and lcd required for this to function? If i disconnect the wire and boot the device, I get no output on the screen. Still trying to debug my issue.
@n8o Let's begin with the previous troubleshooting questions:
  • Have you double-checked your hardware connections? Can you send me a few pictures so that I can verify it?
  • How far have you gotten in the assembly instructions?
    • Is there a step you are running into an issue at?
    • Is that why you are trying to verify that the I2C devices are working?
    • Which step is that?
  • Can you resend the response for the following command (with the devices plugged in)? (Please, make sure to use the "-r" flag.)
    Code: Select all
    i2cdetect -r -y 1
  • What happens when you only have the OLED screen attached?
As a follow up to your last post:
  • Which wire are you disconnecting?