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Looks like my Jetson Nano arrived Tango Uniform. I'm trying to do the free startup class from Nvidia. I have the power jumper in place. Downloaded an image to flash from the site, flashed a 32G card, installed it til it clicked and plugged the nano into a Mean Well SE-100-5 I got from you guys (no power shortage there - if 20 amps won't do it, I have MUCH bigger problems). The barrel connector was center positive and I adjusted the supply to 5.00 with my VOM. The green power light stays on for 30 or 45 seconds and then goes dark. The online class wants to run headless, so I wasn't hooked up to anything. Went through all their trouble shooting tips, which included hooking up to a monitor. I get the Nvidia splash, then a flash (looked like maybe it was starting to run through Ubuntu config settings), but NEVER goes to the Ubuntu screen - it just goes dark and the monitor goes to power save mode. I thought maybe the headless config was wrong, so I used a flashed card that works just fine in another nano. Same behavior.

Hi cbattles,

This sounds similar to another user's problem where the Jetson Nano would not boot properly. It sounds like you may have already gone to Nvidia's Support Forum but if not, try searching or posting there since their support will have a much more in-depth knowledge of this product.

If that does not help or if the folks at Nvidia think your Jetson Nano may be defective, please fill out the form on this page (assuming you purchased the Jetson Nano directly from us) and we will follow up with further instructions.