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This forum is designed for support on products in the Kits & Materials category that are in a classroom setting. The SIK, MICRO:BIT & E-textiles products to name a few.
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Hi! We are students at Old Town High School in Maine. We are working on a project for our science class, collecting data out in the woods for the purpose of graphing the end of winter. We are using temperature sensors hooked up to a BBC Microbit, with the SparkFun OpenLog for our SD card. However, when we put our device outside, with the SD card in the OpenLog, it recorded no data. We brought it back in several weeks later and there was no data on the SD card. We switched SD cards, and used multiple different OpenLogs, and everytime the same thing happened. The program appeared to be working, blinking every 10 seconds for our temperature data, but when we put the SD card in the OpenLog, the light would blink once, and never blink again after that, with no data being recorded. Other students devices have been working perfectly fine, and there have been no problems like we have experienced. If you have any idea why this might be happening, please let us now as soon as possible! Thank you!
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By TS-Chris
Hi there, and thanks for your post!

It could be a problem with your OpenLog, or it could be that your micro:bit isn't sending any serial data.
You might want to try plugging in a partners known working OpenLog into your board and seeing if it's logging data. If it is, your OpenLog may be bad but a bit more investigation would be needed to confirm that.

Try a known good OpenLog first and let us know what happens.