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By cflournoy
I setup the template in our compiler IAR and everything seems to work great. Thank you. Just curious are you guys also seeing the green LED illuminate only partially compared to the yellow, red, and blue?

Also the Tensor Flow example only contains a .bin file. Do they provide the source for that project so I can use the IDE to download and debug?

Thanks in advance

Hi Colin,

Glad you've got it working. I think you should not be worried about the green LED being dimmer - I see the same thing on all of my hardware. It is most likely just due to the capabilities of that particular diode model. Examining the pin with an oscilloscope confirms that the voltage is correct and there is no 'signal' on the pin - just DC high.

As for the TensorFlow example you are correct, the source is provided by Google. I'll attach some links below that might be helpful. We've included a binary there so that customers can try out the firmware (compiled a few weeks ago) without going through the entire build process. Seeing a cool result would ideally encourage people to stick with it even if they are having a little trouble.

Google Codelabs: Tensorflow on Edge ... sorflow/#0

Micro-speech subdirectory of TensorFlow GitHub: ... cro_speech

Have fun and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!
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By cflournoy
Hi Liquid Solder,

Thanks again for all your help. Yea, I'm kind of trying to pick up the machine learning side as I progress my masters program for Data Analytics. Maybe hoping to do something with the board and my masters thesis. Still have a few more classes before I get to the fun stuff(ML), but it cant hurt to start playing with the board and become somewhat familiar with the concepts involved.

I will throw together the project in our compiler and see what damage I can cause :-). Ill let you know if I get anywhere. Would hopefully like to dial in the model, so "yes" recognition rate is better.

Best Regards,