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By jbakerbaker
Customer service

My company Sound Ergonomics wants to build a biofeedback device that can be worn and alert the wearer that they are at risk of hurting themselves from occupational injury. The type of injury is musculoskeletal and involves abduction of the arm from the body and over reach which both can be monitored using the biceps muscle and using the forearm the device must be able to alert the operator when the grip is too tight (pinch grip) and carpal tunnel syndrome caused by hyperflexion and extension

We are looking to build the first phase or a multiphasic development or in other words a feasibility,

Minimum Viable Product. The MVP is the minimum set of features and benefits of a product or service that can be used to test the market and gain insights from actual users. Correctly deploying an MVP results in the quickest time to market at the lowest costs.

Development Phases:
Phase I ot 4 - MVP
A market acceptable starting point is a wearable cable brace style band that wraps around the scanning forearm with a EMG type of monitor and measures the muscles and alerts the user when they are a risk for injury. A vibration of the device we believe would be best but we can accept a light indicator as the alarm that gives feedback to the user. This would suffice to prove the concept.

Device Minimum Requirements that we have identified
Transdermal sensor for the measurement of EMG or stress levels, set inside a fabric band long enough to wrap around the users scanning forearm. The sensor will need to be placed against the skin in the application.
The device will need to measure (but not quantitate) the stress levels and when a user specified or built-in threshold is exceed, a signal will trigger an output.
The output will be a series of lights (LED) or vibration.
The duration of the output resulting in alarm or vibration can be set in the software. May want to plan to be user adjustable.
The entire device should be rechargeable.

We are not a company that has engineers What type of qualifications or core competencies should we look for to hire the right consultant to build this first MVP . How important is robotics experience?
What product that you make/sell would address these features?
Would this one sold on Amazon work? What accessories do we need ?
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By Santa_Impersonator
Hey there, it sounds like you would want to reach out to an engineering firm that specializes in that field. For example, a local company, CardinalPeak, worked on the new Bose headphones that just released the other day.