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I am in the middle of making a barndoor Star tracker and need a stepper motor driver to adjust the speed of the stepper motor to correct the tangent error.
I need some advise on what I need to order.
I have seen this (link below)and tried to contact him to purchase one of his drivers but no reply.
If anyone with knowledge of what he has used by looking at the driver and information supplied could help me order the right parts would be appreciated. ... _stack2_50

Hi Al, and thanks for posting.

What kind of motor do you have? If it's a 4 wire, bi-polar stepper that needs less than 2A of current, our Big EasyDriver might work for you. All you really need to do is supply the board with power and send it steps and the motor will move.

The hookup guide might be more in depth than you need for your project, but you might give it a look over. That should explain how to use the driver. :-)