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By jremington
Absolutely terrible!

It is very difficult to read the no-outline, light grey text on a dingy white background. The limp, watery, pastel red is not much better.

Is it your theory that squinting hard will eventually improve the reader's vision?

Someone at Sparkfun must love that awful color scheme, but why inflict it on everyone else?
By paulvha
I agree with Jremington that thelight grey text on a dingy white background, like in " last post" is an eye test and does not help to read the forum.

It would also help to have a single overview of the new posts done in the last hour/day. While the current setup is better for finding help on a specific topic/product, for people that are willing and able to provide answers on multiple topics the current setup requires a large number of mouse-clicks as well as new requests gets easily missed.
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By darrellg
It's also very difficult to tell which forum have new posts. The gray/slightly darker gray contrast of the folder icons is insufficient.
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By exeng
Hate it. Hate the color scheme. Hate the how fine the topics have been divided up. Bring back the old or something that is does not waste my time searching for new posts and searching multiple topics to see if I'm interested. Probably will just ignore the forum if this stands.
By jremington
Yes, the old forum format was OK. The new format is a large step backwards, and was obviously not designed with presentation clarity or ease of use in mind.

In any case, this forum is becoming less and less interesting and relevant as time goes on.
By mattylad
This is horrible!

Sparkfun, please look up dyslexia and how to make your website easy to read.

This is certainly NOT that!.

I think Ill not be coming back here with this crappy colour scheme as I cannot read it.
By bhouch-web
We hear you all loud and clear your feedback has been noted. We'll hopefully be able to get to some of the color scheme by the end of this week.